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Shenzhen DEYU Precision Technology Co., Ltd is an all-in-one manufacturer for production, customization, sales and service, specializing in manufacturing variety of high precision CNC Machining Parts, Turning Parts, Milling parts, Stamping Parts and etc. Shenzhen DEYU Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (DEYUCNC) provides precision machining services to the high tech community in China and other locations around the globe, is an all-in-one manufacturer for production, customization, sales and service, specializing in producing variety of high precision CNC Machined Parts for the medical, aerospace, telecom and other industries. Our production facility features state-of-the-art precision CNC Milling and Turning equipment that allow us to machine tight tolerances and complex geometries. Our products have been enjoyed a high reputation and well-received by customers across 50 countries in Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East.

At DEYUCNC, we strive to constantly meet customer requirements and increase customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our manufacturing processes and customers service. Following the principle of equality and mutual benefit, we aim at making more profit margins for our customers on the premise of maintaining products' quality through low-cost operation, thus full-scale quality control system has been taken in the whole production so as to ensure every products reach quality standards. With sustained growth of our business, we always hold fast to the management principle of "Creating The Best Service", under the guidance of which our company also have a backbone team with a 9-plus working experience and strong capacity for operation. From prototype to production, our staff also provides comprehensive and responsive engineering support to alleviate customer concerns and guarantee the quickest possible delivery. Our daily execution of lean manufacturing systems maximizes our productively and customer satisfaction, we also have applied Toyota's concept of "the seven wastes" to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness. As a result, we devote ourselves to providing customers with thorough and professional services and advanced solutions.

DEYUCNC has won market recognition and high praise from customers. We wish to wholeheartedly cooperate with like-minded members in all walks of life, in China or abroad to create a glorious future.

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